Cocos Company

We are a startup company that utilizes Coconut waste streams to create beautifull products. We use the husk of the Coconut to make 3 dimensionals shapes without adding chemicals. I believe the techniques we use can change the world for the better.

Our first product was the CocoCandle. A Candle made out of coconut waste and soywax.
The CocoCandle originated as a school project.
A 3D moulded shape with woodlike properties, made out of a renewable waste stream.
We finished the project, but we didn't want to let our experiences and knowledge go to waste.
So we decided to start a real company!
Right now we are scaling our manufacturing capabilities to the level. We believe our technique has many applications and will change the world.

The problem

70 billion Coconuts are harvested yearly. Almost every part is used, but the husk is an exception. The husk is considered waste, a total of 22 million tonnes yearly. We estimate 20 percent of the husks are adding value to famers, one way or the other. We want to raise that percentage!

We use the husk of the Coconut to create a dense material, without adding chemicals.


We have a big trip to Ghana planned. In this section we will keep everybody up to date with our adventure.



First day in Ghana!

We havn't been on our trip yet, please come back later!


Questions or suggestions? Please contact us!
You can send a message to daan@cocoscompany.nl